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About AutoNation USA

AutoNation USA just snagged a pretty big deal. They’ve been named a 2020 CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer! This isn’t something every dealer gets; it’s all about showing real dedication to top-notch service and making customers happy. And with an impressive average rating of 4.6 stars out of five, it’s clear they’re doing something right. It’s like getting the gold star in customer confidence among dealerships, thanks to over 2 million honest-to-goodness customer ratings and reviews that CARFAX has gathered up from coast to coast.

AutoNation USA is super proud to snag the CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer badge. It shows they’re all about giving customers top-notch service, and it’s a big thumbs up for the hard work their team puts in.

CARFAX, part of IHS Markit, helps tons of folks every day make smart choices when it comes to buying, selling, or taking care of used cars. They’ve been the go-to for car history since 1984 and offer cool tools like their own used car listings, a service tracker called Car Care, a way to figure out your car’s value based on its past life (History-Based Value), and detailed reports about any vehicle’s backstory.

AutoNation USA promises top-notch cars at fixed prices, a stress-free guarantee with a thorough 125-step check-up, cheerful sales folks ready to help out and share info, an easy-to-use online search tool, plus a straightforward way to sell your car. They’re all about making customers happy—and that’s why they keep shining in the car business.

  • AutoNation USA snagged a 2020 CARFAX top dealer award, pretty impressive!
  • These top dealers, with an average 4.6 stars out of 5, are known for boosting customer trust big time.
  • CARFAX, part of IHS Markit, helps tons of folks every day confidently shop for, buy, service and sell preowned vehicles.
  • AutoNation USA is super proud to snag the CARFAX TopRated Dealer award.
  • AutoNation USA promises topnotch cars at fixed prices, a stressfree guarantee with 125 checks, cheerful salespeople, easy online browsing, and smooth selling of your car.
  • AutoNation USA shines in the car world by putting customer happiness first.