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About DriveTime

Drive Time is shaking things up in the car-buying world, offering a fresh way to get your hands on a new ride without worrying about your credit taking a hit. They’ve got this cool setup where you can pick from over 12,000 cars online and if it doesn’t work out? No sweat—you have five days to return it. Plus, with 146 dealerships peppered across the U.S., finding help or advice from their savvy finance pros is always easy peasy. Whether you’re eyeing that down payment or figuring monthly payments, they’ve got options galore for everyone.

Drive Time teams up with Kelley Blue Book® to give you a quick cash value for your trade-in. They’ve helped over 4 million folks across the country get financed right in-house, offering tons of options so finding that just-right used car, truck, van or SUV is a breeze.

Drive Time shakes things up with its top-notch online car loan app, letting folks call the shots on their financing terms—think down payments and all that jazz, tailored to how their credit looks. And get this: they dish out these details faster than a hot minute, leaving rivals in the dust.

Drive Time spices up the used car game with cool perks like a 5-day return policy, a month-long warranty, free vehicle history checks, and prices that don’t budge. Plus, their chill sales folks and tailor-made payment plans make shopping for cars across the country feel like a breeze.

  • Custom pay plans without denting your credit score.
  • Over 12K cars online, all with a fiveday return promise.
  • 146 dealerships nationwide, all with savvy finance pros ready to help.
  • Get quick cash value for your tradein fast.
  • Unique financing right here, tons of choices available.
  • Used car owners get cool perks like a 5day return policy, monthlong warranty, free vehicle history checks, and straightforward prices.