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About I Buy Junk Cars

Got an old, busted car or truck you don’t want anymore?

I Buy Junk Cars has got you covered! With loads of experience, they’ll swiftly haul away your ride anywhere in Phoenix, AZ. They’re super honest and professional too – talk about speedy service with a smile!

Hit us up today to get a quick quote on the phone and cash in your pocket for that old car within hours. Plus, towing’s totally free! We’ll hand you the cash when we grab your ride.

You know, getting your car picked up by us can be super quick – usually between an hour and a day. Lost your keys? Car’s a bit of a crispy critter or already half in the scrapyard? No sweat! We’ll still take it off your hands because we’ve got plans to sell, recycle, or just plain scrap it.

When a car’s so banged up that fixing it would cost more than what it’s worth, insurance companies throw in the towel and say it’s a total loss. That means they’ll slap on a salvage title instead of trying to patch things up.

Cars end up labeled as salvage for many reasons. Often, it’s because they’ve been in big accidents or got caught in natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. These events can mess up a car’s exterior and important parts inside pretty badly.

Sometimes, even a little bit of damage can slap a salvage label on a car. Picture this: someone has this unique ride with parts that are tough to find and cost an arm and a leg. They get into a fender bender, messing up some rare bits. The insurance folks might decide it’s not worth the fix and call it salvage, despite most of the car being just fine.

Got a car that’s seen better days, maybe after an accident or getting roughed up by the weather? You might be scratching your head about what to do with it. Well, there are experts out there who’d love to take it off your hands for a decent price. Just reach out to a salvage buyer nearby!

  • They pay cash for old cars in Phoenix, Arizona at I Buy Junk Vehicles.
  • They’re known for quick, polite car removal thanks to years of solid experience.
  • Easy threestep method sells junk cars fast.
  • Purchases damaged, old SUVs, vans, trucks even those burned or wrecked.
  • Usually, they’ll grab your car in about an hour to a day.
  • We’ll take your old car off your hands, keys or no keys, dents and all.