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About Orozco Auto Sales

Orozco Auto Sales isn’t just any used car spot in Phoenix. Nope, it’s a family-run show that really gets how crucial it is to treat customers right. They’ve got all the good stuff – think Chevy and Toyota – making sure everyone walks away with their perfect ride.

Looking for something with a bit of oomph like a Chevy Avalanche, Camaro, or Malibu? Or maybe you’re after reliability and easy on the wallet options like Toyota’s Corolla, Camry, or Tacoma. We’ve got cars to suit all sorts of preferences and budgets.

Nestled over at 2525 W Van Buren St in Phoenix, AZ, we’ve got a spot that’s like hitting the jackpot for anyone hunting for top-notch sedans, trucks, SUVs—you name it—all without breaking the bank. And guess what? We’re all about keeping things easy-peasy with our Buy Here Pay Here setup. It means you can breeze through buying a car without any fuss. Plus, we’re not just talking to folks in Phoenix; if you’re coming from Glendale or Tempe—or anywhere nearby really—we’ve rolled out the welcome mat for you too!

At Orozco Auto Sales, it’s not just about selling cars. They really get to know you and what you’re looking for. It feels more like an experience than a simple buy-and-sell deal because they focus on finding the perfect car that suits both your wallet and way of life, all thanks to their hardworking team.

Orozco Auto Sales treats you like family, not just a customer. They’re all about making your car buying experience fun and satisfying, putting your happiness first. Swing by Orozco today to find that dream car with their help!

  • Phoenix familyrun used car business.
  • Big range of preowned cars, featuring Chevy and Toyota brands.
  • Car lot with inhouse financing.
  • Customized shopper support
  • Great preowned cars
  • We put customer joy first here.