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About Right Choice Automotive

You know, Right Choice Automotive really makes a splash in Phoenix, AZ. It’s not just about their awesome selection of fancy European, Asian, and American cars. What sets them apart is how open and focused on making customers happy they are. Aubrey and Steven Strickstein have been at this for 37 years! They’ve built a dealership that’s all about giving folks in Arizona top-notch used cars without breaking the bank – think prices between $6k to $15k.

Nearly half of Right Choice Automotive’s customers keep coming back, especially when it’s time to buy their kid’s first car – that speaks volumes about their quality and value.

When folks are out there looking for a used car, they often worry about two big things: Am I getting my money’s worth and is this car actually in tip-top shape? Right Choice Automotive tackles these worries straight on. They’re pretty upfront with their pricing, sticking to Kelly Blue Book values so you know you’re not paying too much. Plus, every single car, whether it came from around the corner or across the globe, gets a thorough check-up by a pro mechanic. This way, they make sure all their cars live up to their reputation for being top-notch and reliable.

Right Choice Automotive gets it, buying a used car can be super stressful. They’re all about making things smoother for you by offering a Carfax guarantee with every ride. This way, you get the full scoop on your car’s past before deciding, easing those nerves and ensuring you’re making the right choice.

Right Choice Automotive hooks you up with weekly deals and really cares about making customers happy. It’s more than just a car dealership; it feels like teaming up with a buddy in your quest for the perfect used car. Swing by, see why they’re top-notch in Phoenix, and join their big family of happy drivers!

  • Right Choice Automotive, a familyrun used car shop, has been rocking it for 37 years, with the last 15 in Phoenix.
  • Right Choice Automotive offers fancy cars from Europe, Asia, and America for $6K$15K.
  • Vehicle prices are clear and we use Kelly Blue Book to make sure they’re fair.
  • Trained mechanics check every car, local and imported ones too.
  • Right Choice Automotive promises stressfree buying with a Carfax guarantee.
  • Right Choice Automotive values making customers happy and earning their trust, standing out as the top pick for used cars.