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About Sell Us Your Car

Looking to get rid of your old car in Phoenix? Sell Us Your Car (SUYC) is here for you. They’re aiming to be the top spot where folks can sell their junk cars and walk away with cash in hand. With more than 15 years under their belt, they’ve won over loads of locals thanks to playing it straight and fair every time.

Looking to get rid of that old, rusty car sitting in your driveway? SUYC in Phoenix has got you covered. They offer great prices for junk cars and will even hand over cash for vehicles that seem way past their prime. Plus, they’ll come pick up your ride from anywhere around Phoenix, so you can skip the headache of trying to sell it online yourself.

Selling your old clunker is pretty simple. Just ring up a few scrap dealers, spill the beans about your ride, and pick one that sounds good to you. They’ll likely swing by to grab it either today or tomorrow, and bam—you get paid on the spot or back at their place.

SUYC is pretty much interested in any old car you’ve got because they’re after the scrap metal and parts that can still be used. What your clunker might fetch depends on a few things like where it’s parked, its age, brand, model shape, and how the scrap metal market is doing right now. For a ballpark figure of what you could get for it? Peek at Kelley Blue Book values but remember—the price of scrap plays a big role in what SUYC will actually pay out.

SUYC teams up with the Arizona Motor Vehicles Department to take care of abandoned cars. They help transfer ownership if no one claims them in 30 days. Usually, these old clunkers are worth about $100 to $500, give or take.

  • SUYC in Phoenix is the goto spot for selling your old car, doing it 15 years strong!
  • They pay well for really old and beatup cars.
  • Selling your car to SUYC? Piece of cake. They’ll swing by anywhere in Phoenix to pick it up.
  • They mostly grab old cars to recycle metal and reuse any decent parts.
  • The amount you’ll receive varies based on its location, age, brand condition, and the current price of scrap metal.
  • They usually snag cars for between $100 to $900 bucks.